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Male cancer outwardly calm, friendly, compliant person. He is polite, he has good manners, he is helpful and gallant with those who respond with the same friendliness.

Cancer male can be gentle, sentimental. But his planet - the Moon - does not always leave him like that. Suddenly, he, cheerful and cheerful, becomes sad. His gallantry is replaced by short-tempered sharpness. Suddenly, the world will seem evil to him, people are absurd, he becomes suspicious, nitpicks, plunges into irritation or melancholy, spreading his mood to those around him.

Often he can exaggerate difficulties, in his rich imagination trifles grow into problems, a small quarrel he sees as a drama, small failures as a tragedy. So the vulnerability of Cancer is great enough, and his imagination only exacerbates it.

One should be careful with such a person, not arouse suspicions in him with his carelessness, not allow the possibility of double interpretations of words and deeds, not give him a reason to act out his imagination, not hurt him, not deprive him of participation, kind attitude and love. Cancer is cute, cheerful, pleasant, kind, if it feels that they love it, if it doesn’t get tired of talking about it.

Of course, it is difficult with such a person - to always control himself, to avoid harshness and ambiguities, to restrain emotions in the name of stability of his mood. But the one who loves this person should know that he needs to talk about love, and he does not get tired of hearing about it. And she does not get tired of lovingly responding: this is a very devoted person, his feelings do not cool down. He is very afraid of losing a friend, beloved, afraid of separation, although he is able to wait for years. He needs to be constantly remembered and cared for.

Cancer's wife should know the nature of her husband so as not to aggravate his vulnerability. She should always be by his side, understand that he loves a good, comfortable home, tasty food, take seriously his ailments, take care of him, be patient with his complaints, respect his interests, as well as his affection for his parents, especially his mother . It should give him the opportunity to feel the main thing in the family, not to suppress him. Do not blame him for adoring his house, corner, do not rearrange his books and things, do not touch his "treasures" and relics - old things, newspapers, letters, collections, do not criticize him for old-fashioned clothes or hairstyle. Then he will be truly happy.

However, he should not be allowed to suppress her either: she would turn into a slave to his attachments, traditions and desires, and it would be very difficult for her to break free from his tenacious hands, it would be impossible to show her personality, even a small sip of freedom of action would not be available to her.

A woman who has decided that this is the right person to create a family will have to wait a long time for him to leave his parental home. He is attached to him and it is difficult to leave him: after all, then he will have to regain his own angle, change his lifestyle, plunge into a new one - and he does not like this. In addition, he does not see in a woman a man equal to him. He falls in love many times, especially with the young, but arrogantly believes that it is not him, but the woman should seek him. He appreciates his male virtues, puts them higher than female ones, and in order to decide, finally, that it is time to get married, he must make sure that he has found his ideal. In this search, he is tireless, bringing one one or the other closer to himself - and throwing them without regret, without compassion for their insults and tears. He does not consider himself either selfish or arrogant. He simply knows his value and knows the value of a woman - she is always lower.

However, where does his snobbery go when he finds the one he is looking for. He becomes complaisant, a sea of ​​feelings spills out of him, he surrounds her with attention, pursues her - and it is already difficult to loosen his grip, he will not allow refusal. And although in general Cancer does not like attempts on his freedom (and he sees marriage as an attempt), he will marry.

Home for Cancer is a shelter from adversity. Here he lives, dreams, here he becomes himself, allows himself to open up. He is a good host, he knows how to do everything around the house, including the perfect cook. He has everything in the house, he is not wasteful, he knows how to create wealth, so his family will not need funds. He is not stingy, but he saves money - it was given to him by nature, he needs them so that he feels independent, not afraid of future difficulties, and is safe. Others may not be aware of this, because he is not one of bouncers and talkers, he is insecure and would rather downplay his income than exaggerate.

Cancer is a caring father, very attached to children. He is gentle with them, patient. Any success of his children delights him, he wants to be proud of them. Cancer protects and protects them from adversity and other people's attacks, does not give offense and keeps them around him as well as his wife. From children, he expects the same affection, the same devotion and love for the parental home, which he saves his whole life to his parents and to his home.

The wife for Cancer is always the second person in the house. She should be a homebody, be able to create coziness, he appreciates her culinary abilities in her, she should be a housewife, a nurse, a nanny. And a good partner, ready at any time to provide him with intimate services. Cancer considers itself entitled to have women on the side, especially since it considers a woman as a creature that was born to serve a man. So the concept of fidelity means little to him.

Cancer-man is a very erotic, sensual, passionate man, but prefers to take more than give, taking care - because of his psychology, and not at all ineptitude - more about his satisfaction than about delivering his partner.

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Dog fish is psychic. Animals born under this sign have an amazing understanding, you can do anything with them, they are very flexible. They react not just to command and intonation, but understand the meaning of words and are ready, with their heads bowed to one side, to listen to all our speeches. Moreover, fish dogs have the gift of intuition and warn your desires and actions. They are efficient and smart, quite easy to train, but they are hindered by a tendency to change moods and easy vulnerability. They are not very aggressive.


The Aries dog is an active, cocky animal with sharp, jerky movements, a pronounced instinct for persecution, and therefore there are real chances of death under wheels if not properly raised. Therefore, the four-legged ram must either be driven on a leash all the time, or it must be trained to be qualitatively trained. Aries dog is able to plague you with its inexhaustible energy. She needs frequent and long walks. Other delights of a dog ram include an irresistible urge to naughty - gobble up some rubbish on the street. With an impulsive ram, if you are the one who brought him to yourself, get ready to become an athlete: he really loves the spirit of competition!


A taurus dog is a complex canine psychotype for humans. These are very stubborn animals, big owners, materialists and food lovers. It is completely useless to use violence against a calf dog. You can’t break the calf, you need to fashion it for yourself, that is, come up with something very interesting and important for your dog. Puppies are very amorous, affectionate, loving, at home get along with all domestic animals. But they are always pronounced owners, guarding their place in the house or in the yard fiercely. The guard fox is loyal to its master, will not give offense to anyone, will not let anyone outsider.


You won't get bored with a twin dog. These are charming dogs that cannot be ignored, regardless of breed. She constantly needs to feel loved and caressed. She cannot stand loneliness. The twin dog is frivolity, sensitivity and emotionality in one being. She is unpredictably changeable in her intentions and moods. This eccentric creature has an amazing ability to change its behavior, then adjusting to the situation, then going against it. This dog is prone to cheating. With a sincere expression of innocence and integrity, on the face will stand in the middle of the destroyed room and look for the missing sausages with you.


Dog cancer requires delicate handling. They are very touchy, able to go on a hunger strike to protest or shit offenders in shoes, boots, shopping bags. Crayfish dogs cannot stand loneliness, often howl at night, especially on the full moon. They have a delicate stomach and can only be fed with benign food. Crayfish dogs have good intelligence and incredible memory. No other sign has such potential affection as cancer. No one can be more playful and loving. If the relationship with the owner does not add up, the dog begins a nervous depression.


In the behavior, gait and manners of dogs born under the sign of a lion, regalism also sometimes shows, sometimes majestic laziness, when they, lying, languidly raise their muzzle towards us. Large dogs arouse respect, small ones are Krylov pugs barking at an elephant. Pride and courage are inherent in moat dogs of all sizes. A tear dog cannot be chased by a bicycle: pride will not let it lag behind. But all born under the sign of a lion have a weak heart. At exhibitions, lion dogs win prizes.


Virgo dogs are usually very clean. It is good to have a virgin dog in the house. She easily obeys discipline, is well trained, smart, does not succumb to other people's influences, courageously protects her owners. Dogs born under the sign of a virgin have a sense of duty. It is necessary to feed the virgin dog exclusively with fresh food, nothing sour and spoiled can be given to her. The intelligence of Virgo dogs is so great that during training they can be taught counting and letters. Virgo Dog - a wonderful home guard.


Attractiveness, grace and complaisant disposition are characteristic for weight dogs. The presence of such a dog in the family harmonizes and relieves the tense family atmosphere. Scale dogs love music: they howl in unison. In the diet of such dogs should be more fish than meat. And a lot of vegetables. They constantly need a lot of fresh drinking water: the scales drink a lot. The nervous system of dog-weights must be in balance, they honor all family members equally, and if a dispute arises, they are unable to figure out who is right and who is to blame, they cannot decisively take sides and are physically suffering from it.


By taking a scorpion dog to your home, you take on serious responsibility. Energetically, this is the richest zodiac sign, so you need to walk the scorpion dogs especially intensively. If your pet has nothing to spend his energy on, his temper goes bad, he becomes naughty and angry. A scorpion dog has no nuances in the relationship: you are either his best friend or his worst enemy. Offended dogs are capable of revenge! But in official terms, scorpion dogs are beyond praise. They have a very developed sense of smell, the range of perceived odors is much wider than that of other dogs. These are the best bloodhounds of the animal world. They do an excellent job of finding and catching criminals.


In relation to dogs-archers, you need to be fair. They have a well-developed self-esteem, they will never understand an annoyed person, tearing off anger on the first creature that comes to hand. In general, they are cheerful and mobile, do not like tight enclosed spaces, tend to wide open spaces. They are not suitable for the role of a chain dog: a chain and a booth are not for them! In the country or in the village it is always easier for them than in a city apartment.


Capricorn dogs are calm, balanced animals that accept the order established in the family and strictly observe it. They live best where there is a tough regime, a solid daily routine. They do not survive in disorderly families that do not comply with any regime. Capricorn dog accustoms its owner to order. He must feed her and take her for walks at strictly specified hours for this, regardless of the weather and other circumstances. The Capricorn dog is devoted to the owner and loves him in his own way. Always strives to lick in the face. The Capricorn dog slowly but surely contributes to the well-being of the family in which it lives, disciplining it and accustoming it to consistency and perseverance in achieving goals.