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What the tiger and lion tamer thinks about the movie “The Lion King”


As soon as the male African lion becomes the leader of the pride, he kills all the lions of the previous male. This increases his chances of offspring.

All male lions usually lead the pride for two to five years, and then leave the pride in search of a new one. The reproductive period of females lasts about ten years. Females will not look for a new male if they have cubs that have not reached the mature age that comes after two years of training. Or if she doesn’t have any living cubs. Therefore, based on this instinct, new males kill the lions of the old leader, and already from them the lionesses give birth to new cubs. Thus, the chance of procreation in the male increases.

Lions know how to be friends, like the inhabitants of the pride in "The Lion King"?

Lions live in pride families. At the head is always an alpha male, to which several young males, females and calves obey. While young animals do not claim leadership, everyone lives in peace and harmony. But as soon as the struggle for power, female or prey begins, violent fights happen until the death. At best, exile from the pride.

Lions are friends with other animals of the savannah, like Simba with Timon and Pumbaa?

Lions are not friends with any animals, and even more so with those who are their prey: wild boars, meerkats, zebras. Most often, resting in the shade after a hearty dinner, they can be in close proximity with walking antelopes, hippos and giraffes. After eating, they lose interest in the prey and do not touch it.

How realistic are the animals in The Lion King?

Everything is so realistic in the film that sometimes you doubt whether it is computer graphics or real animals! But much was embellished in the cartoon: here the lions have a bright golden color of wool, a red fluffy mane with a bifurcated bang in the middle, and a strong physique. But then he is a cartoon!

Does the king of animals really exist in nature?

As such, the king, of course, does not exist. Yes, the lion is the most perfect predator who is at the head of the food chain, but he cannot come to the monkeys' family, throw off their leader and declare that he is now the king and everyone must obey him. Each animal species has its own leader.

How does a lion behave when he seizes power in a pride?

Scar's attempt to kill Simba after the overthrow of Mufasa is a real situation in the animal world. Often, after the lion seizes power in the pride, he kills the cubs of his predecessor. Most often this happens when a stronger male drives the leader out of the pride.

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