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Surely, cat owners often noticed that their pets are more likely to play with objects accidentally found in the apartment than with toys from the store. The reasons for this behavior of animals are inexplicable, but the fact remains. Therefore, instead of once again spending money on toys for cats, it is better to make them yourself from improvised materials. We share simple ideas that will tell you how to entertain your pet simply and quickly.

3. From your favorite cardboard box

Everyone knows that cats are not indifferent to cardboard boxes. Use this feature of them and make a game station out of the box. Inside the box are small objects, and on top are bright cords that will also attract the attention of a cat.

4. Mini tangle with protection

Letting the cat play with ordinary balls or reels can be dangerous, as it may choke on threads. Therefore, we propose to slightly upgrade this cat entertainment option. Pull a medium-density ball from the threads, leaving one end free. Then wrap the ball with plain foil. Cats love her rustling and soft shine.

5. The second life of the remains of water pipes

From the remains of water pipes you can make a toy for a cat with your own hands. It is only necessary to connect them with the help of corner elements, which are sold in any hardware store. You will also need to cut holes in the pipes a little more than the paws of the cats, and put various little things inside. The cat will try to get them.

6. Soft pompons

Pom-poms on a string are the favorite toy of many cats, which does not bother them for a long time. Finished toys can be hung on the doorknob so that the cat tries to get them.

7. We make a sommelier from a cat

Cats love to play with wine corks because they are lightweight. You can just give the cat a cork, but if you have some free time, make a more complicated toy. For example, crochet it or attach bright feathers, ribbons.

8. For needlewomen who are friends with a needle

A person who knows how to handle a needle can sew a simple toy for a cat in a couple of minutes. We recommend choosing fabrics of sufficient density, such as wool or felt.

9. From a T-shirt that is gathering dust in a closet

To make such a toy for a cat with your own hands, you will need an old knitted t-shirt. Cut it into thin strips, fold them together and knit. To make the cat more interesting, we recommend using t-shirts of different colors and differing in the density of knitwear.

10. Disposal of corrugated board

Corrugated cardboard, from which large boxes are made, is useful for creating toys for a cat. Cut many circles out of it, in each of them make a small hole in the middle. Then string them on a piece of lace, tying it on knots.

13. Cat's fishing rod

A thin wooden stick, a strong thread and a flat thin fabric - that’s all that is needed to make a cat fishing rod. Fold the fabric with an overlap, and thread the thread through the strips with a needle. Tie the free end of the thread around the stick.

When the issue of cat entertainment is resolved, a lot of free time is freed. Why not spend it on improving the interior of your home? For example, get acquainted with 15 tricks that will turn a nursery into a child’s dream room.

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Why is the game and toys so necessary for cats?

1. Kittens during the game develop the necessary skills for life.

2. The game satisfies the cat's needs for hunting for prey and thereby ensures the receipt of positive emotions.

3. Running and jumping during an active game is an excellent physical training, which the animal simply needs for good health. Studies by British scientists have shown that at least 10-15 minutes a day of active play will help your pet become healthier.

4. Cats living in apartments very often like mischievous children in search of entertainment begin to spoil furniture, wallpaper, and often get into trouble. If the cat has its own toys and a caring owner who regularly plays with his pet, then the integrity of the furniture is ensured.

5. In a house where 2 or more cats live, games will ensure a more peaceful coexistence of animals, because animals will squander aggression and excess energy on toys, and not on each other.

6. Well, in the end, what could be better than playing a few minutes with your furry friend, giving each other your attention and recharging with positive emotions.

How to choose cat toys

  1. Build on the preferences of the animal. Some cats like to chase a ball or ball, while others are more amused by all kinds of “teasers”.
  2. Rate the safety of the toy. It should be made of environmentally friendly material and not have parts that easily come off.
  3. Buy some toys. Choose diverse objects so that the cat has a choice.
  4. Pay attention to multifunctional models, with additional features. For example, claw-claw toys, massager toys, developmental complexes.


These toys can be mechanical and static. The materials from which the mice are made are absolutely diverse: textiles, rubber, plastic, sisal. Cats simply adore chasing small mice, but keep in mind that some purrs are afraid of mice that start up.


Like mice, they are also made of various materials. Balls can be bouncing and not very, inside with balls or bells. Cats love their football in the truest sense of the word.

For lazy animals produce toys made of textiles and filled with catnip to stimulate game activity.

For lazy owners there are laser toys - flashlights or pointers. The cat will be happy to run after the light point. Usually, various nozzles that convert a ray of light into the outline of the same mouse or some other animal come with such laser flashlights.

There are toys with elastic bands that are designed to hang, for example, on a doorknob. They are a ring that is worn on a handle. Long elastic bands with attached soft toys of small sizes are hung on the ring. Such a toy has at least two pluses: firstly, it is far from rolling, and secondly, nothing will break or cripple the animal itself.

There are special coasters made of textile or sisal, which combine two in one - a toy and a scratching post. And the thing is that springs are attached to such a stand (one or several), on top of which toys (mice, balls, etc.) are planted. An outburst pet can simultaneously sharpen its claws.

We studied the market of pet products, examined the coolest models of cat toys, got acquainted with their characteristics and price range. Based on this, a small rating was compiled. We hope that he will help you choose the most interesting and useful toy for your pet.

Why do cats play toys?

Firstly, they have a real need for movement, because it is inherent in nature.

Secondly, in this way they express their energy in a peaceful way - not biting and scratching the owners, not tearing apart furniture and wallpapers, but peacefully.

Thirdly, active games help to keep fit, which has a positive effect on health.

What are the toys for cats

In fact, there are a lot of types of toys for cats and kittens, but among them the most popular can be distinguished:

  • balls, balls, mice - one of the most beloved cat toys,
  • teasers - an analogue of an old candy wrapper, only on a stick and of various shapes,
  • laser pointers - everyone remembers how cats like to chase a dot on the floor, it's about laser pointers,
  • rattles, springs - as an option for running, jumping for a cat,
  • tunnels - for great explorers, for cats that need to explore every corner,
  • puzzles and interactive toys - this is a godsend for the development of intelligence, purrs have to figure out how to extract a treat or a toy from a smart device.

On our site Zverinus.ru in the section "Toys for cats and kittens" you will find a catalog of toys for every taste. You can be sure of the quality of the goods.

Rating of toys for cats - description of models, properties

  1. Petstages track - an educational toy for kittens,
  2. Trixie "The Mouse is Trapped" - an interactive toy for a kitten,
  3. Hagen Catit Design Senses - massage center,
  4. Beeztees Happy cat Chase the ball (Ipts),
  5. FroliCat Pounce - an interactive teaser toy,
  6. Catit play-n-scratch - claw toy
  7. Trixie knitted balls,
  8. Trixie Clockwork Mouse,
  9. Trixie fishing rod with ball and feathers - teaser,
  10. Karlie Flamingo Laser Pointer,
  11. GiGwi mouse toy - electronic,
  12. Game Maze Catit Design Senses Super Roller Ccircuit,
  13. GiGwi Pet Droid "Feather Wobbler" - an electronic toy,
  14. The video nurse for animals of Petcube,
  15. Treat Maze - an intellectual toy,
  16. Radio-controlled mouse Aliexpress.

Petstages Track

Game track "Pyramid" for kittens and young cats. The stable pyramid with three floors is filled with small multi-colored balls. Kittens enjoy playing with them for a long time, trying to get it. The toy is made of high quality plastic.

The pyramid is strong and stable. The bottom of the product is made of anti-slip material so that animals can not tip the track during the game.

  • Plus: takes the attention of the animal for a long time.
  • Minus: high price.

Trixie Mouse Trapped

A bright toy from the German manufacturer stimulates the hunting instinct of the animal. The plastic mouse inside runs away all the time, provoking a cat. The product is made of high quality environmentally friendly plastic.

It has a stable base, the cat will not be able to turn over the "mouse trap." Diameter - 25 cm.

  • Plus: educational toy.
  • Minus: high price.

Hagen Catit Design Senses Massage Center

The multifunctional gaming center Catit Design Senses attracts cats with sound, smell, and touch. Designed specifically for loving cats, it helps them relieve stress and tension during certain periods of life.

The complex includes: a massage center for intensive massage of the neck and face, a rubber insert for massaging teeth, a massage mat for paws and a section for catnip. Massage not only relieves stress, but also improves the condition of the skin and coat of the animal.

  • Plus: has an anti-stress effect.
  • Minus: not always available on free sale.

Beeztees Happy cat “Chase the ball”

An entertaining toy in the form of a plate with a ball can captivate a pet for a long time. The ball is located in the gutter and fixed in such a way that the cat will not be able to get it. The model is made of durable plastic anthracite color. The top of the plate is a claw-point.

The toy contributes to the development of the cat's playing skills and helps the animal stay in good physical shape.

  • Plus: suitable for all ages and breeds.
  • Less: a textile claw can quickly become unusable.

FroliCat Pounce

An interactive toy-teaser for outdoor activities helps to occupy a cat when the owner is not at home. FroliCat Pounce develops the reaction and ingenuity of the animal. The cat follows the plastic mouse, which moves along a single path and tries to get on it with a paw.

To start the toy does not require the presence of a person. The model is made of durable plastic that can withstand the weight of any cat. The device operates at several speeds.

  • Plus: there is a timer.
  • Minus: batteries need to work.


A round plate with a ball combined the functions of a game center and a claw point. A cat can spend hours chasing a ball in a circle trying to get it. Inside the plate there is a replaceable cardboard block of the claw point.

To attract the attention of the animal there is a catnip filler. The animal can play both with a ball and with a fluffy pompom on a spring.

  • Plus: has a stable base.
  • Less: a cat can break a spring.

Trixie Knitted Balls

The set includes two knitted soft balls of colored jersey. The diameter of the product is 4.5 cm. Designed both for joint active games with the pet, and for independent cat play.

The balls are saturated with catnip, which increases the interest of the animal in the simulator. The product helps maintain the physical shape of the cat and does not let her get bored.

  • Plus: washable.
  • Minus: short life.

Trixie Clockwork Mouse

The soft toy in the form of a white mouse from Trixie has a clockwork mechanism. When wound up, it can run for about 40 seconds.

The toy makes a loud crack during movement, therefore it is suitable only for bold cats that are not afraid of noise. Can ride on flat surfaces and on carpets. The size of the mouse is 11 cm.

  • Plus: no batteries needed
  • Minus: makes a loud noise.

Trixie fishing rod with ball and feathers

A wooden fishing rod with a ball and feathers helps the owner entertain his cat. Suitable for joint active play. The toy is attached to the rod with a durable rubber band. The length of the elastic is adjustable, so the product is suitable for cats of all ages.

  • Plus: a long fishing rod - 50 cm.
  • Minus: breaks quickly.

Karlie Flamingo Laser Pointer

An automatic cat toy with a laser beacon ensures the game of a pet without human intervention. The product is made in the original futuristic design. The trajectory of the laser pointer is adjustable. The speed mode and the intensity of movement are regulated - with this you can diversify the game of a cat.

  • Plus: stationary model.
  • Less: the danger of a laser beam entering the retina.

GiGwi mouse toy

The best toy for a cat is a mouse. The electronic mouse looks like a real one. This soft toy is made of fur and textile. Inside, she has an electronic chip that makes sounds that mimic a mouse squeak. The toy is triggered by the touch of a cat's paw.

  • Plus: looks realistic.
  • Minus: Do not wash.

Game Maze Catit Design Senses Hagen

The labyrinth for games consists of eight separate parts that are connected into a single tunnel. A ball is rolling inside this tunnel. The cat can drive the ball through the holes in the upper part of the maze.

During movement, the ball glows, which attracts the attention of a cat. Suitable for playing kittens and adult cats.

  • Plus: compatible with other Catit Design Senses products.
  • Minus: additional balls must be purchased separately.

GiGwi Pet Droid Feather Wobbler

A funny tumbler toy is made of durable plastic and natural feathers. When a cat touches its paws, the toy makes melodious sounds, reminiscent of birds chirping. Animals are happy to hunt for "electronic birds."

  • Plus: cheap.
  • Minus: a very loud sound.


An interactive Petcube toy helps owners keep track of their pets and entertain them. A camera is built into the electronic mechanism, with which you can watch the cat while being at a distance with it. The product is made of durable impact-resistant plastic, the animal will not be able to break it.

You can watch a cat using a special application installed on a smartphone or tablet. The device allows you to send animals voice messages and play with them using a laser beam.

  • Plus: unlimited range.
  • Minus: high price.

Catit Design Sense Treat Maze

An intellectual toy for curious and patient cats. Great simulator for the mind. The principle of action - food is placed inside the capsule, so the cat has to complete tasks of varying complexity to get it.

In addition to “charging for the mind”, the toy also has a massage effect. She massages the legs of the animal.

  • Plus: trains the mind.
  • Minus: sold only in online stores.

Rc mouse

Electronic mouse with a remote control. It works in two modes: forward and backward. The design is realistic. The mouse runs on 3 AAA batteries. For operation of the control panel, 2 AAA batteries are required. Available in three colors: gray, black, brown.

  • Plus: cheap.
  • Minus: batteries are not included.

Customer reviews of cat toys

Rodion: “I always tried to buy the best for my pets. As soon as our kitten had offspring, I began to look for educational toys for kittens. I read a bunch of reviews on the Internet and chose “Trapped Mouse” for my kittens. It turned out that toys for animals are the same as toys for children. Kittens, like children, can love a new toy and spend all their time with it, or they can forget and not approach it anymore. It happened so with me. The first day we played and abandoned. "

Svetlana: “Often I go home from work. There are business trips of several days. My friends recommended that I buy a Pet-cube animal video monitor for such cases. When I found out how much this useful device costs, there was a desire to refuse the purchase, but I still bought it. I have been using it for a year and have not regretted the money spent. I am always in touch with my favorite, and she began to calmly tolerate our separation. "

Diana: “They tried with their pets almost all popular and advertised cat toys. What can I say. Most are toys at one time. We bought, played and forgot. My cats constantly play only with different mice. They drag them around the house, throw them up, catch them. The simplest toys, but the most favorite. "


In order for the toy to bring joy to your pet and not harm its health when buying, pay attention to the following points:

  • no matter what material the toy is made of, the smell of the product is unacceptable. Firstly, a pungent and unpleasant odor can scare away a cat. Secondly, this indicates a low-quality raw material from which the fun is made, which in turn can adversely affect the health of the furry
  • too bright, just the same toxic colors can also indicate poor quality toys
  • if there are feathers, pile, threads on the toy, be sure to check that they do not come off. If you easily tear off a piece, then you should not take such a toy to your pet, as it can swallow the torn off, choke, etc.
  • Also, do not buy toys that contain too small parts that the animal can easily get and swallow.
  • of great importance is the fact how easy and whether it is possible to wash or clean the toy at all.

Remember that only high-quality toys will benefit your kitty, so do not be too lazy to choose high-quality.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the game is the key to the physical, mental and emotional health of purses. Although only purrs? I'll go play with my kitty.

Different toys

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  • Cat nails
  • Game complexes
  • Houses, hammocks, deck chairs
  • Toys and tunnels
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  • Carry
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A set of toys for cats "Fish and Starfish", 7 * 7 / d 6cm. (EC37)

Tunnel for cats, rustling, 50 * 25cm (4301)

Toy for cat sisal / feathers 30 cm (40721)

Toy track with a mouse, 24 * 29 cm, plastic (4135)

Toy "Mouse in a trap" 25 * 6 cm (41411)

Ball for treats for cats 6cm (41362)

Toy for cats "Glove with toys" color, 34 cm (45631)

Toy clawfish "Drum" 16 * 10 cm. Sisal (4537)

Cat toy "Fishing Rod", 15 * 21 cm (4567)

Toy for cats "Track" 3 floors

Toy for cat "Knitted ball", 2 pcs. 4.5 cm, (45728)

Teaser for cats "Smile", 50 cm (45797)

Toy for cats "Bird", 8 cm, plush / feathers (45765)

Toy for cat "Fish" with an elastic band, 27 cm, feathers / textiles (45734)

Cat toy "Fishing rod with a butterfly", 45 cm, feathers / textiles (45733)

Glide 'n Seek Battery Operated Cat Track Toy

Electronic toy for cats Pet Droid, Feather Hyder

Set of toys for cats "Bobbin and ball", 5 / d 4cm. (EC40)

A set of toys for cats "Giraffe and Mouse", 12 * 5.5 / 4.5cm. (EC35)

A set of toys for cats "Three Mouse" 5cm. (EC34)